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Core Value Photo: Transparency in our message when talking about Fentanyl Poisoning


XFoundation works to provide a safe space for conversations around the fentanyl epidemic, no matter your age, background, or economic status.
Core Value Photo: Stay resilient when talking about Fentanyl Poisoning


We are an organization built on resiliency and empower the individuals we work with to do the same.
Core Value Photo: Raise Awareness and bring education into our message when talking about Fentanyl Poisoning


The fentanyl epidemic and its stigma are written off as “worthless,” yet we are all impacted by this crisis—time to wake up.
Core Value Photo: Pair community and compassion with our message when talking about Fentanyl Poisoning


We ensure everyone has a voice by removing the stigma in conversations around fentanyl poisoning, overdose, and drug use.
Core Value Photo: Evoke change in the way we talk about Fentanyl Poisoning


People deservce to know what they are taking.


XFoundation Founder George Gerchow, Website Headshot

George Gerchow, Founder

If we can save one family from feeling the pain of the unnecessary loss of a beautiful life due to opioid poisoning, our foundation has made a difference. No parent should feel the loss of a child. This foundation is a legacy to our beautiful Xavier.

XFoundation Co-Founder Madison Gerchow, Website Headshot

Madison Gerchow, Co-Founder

Like everyone, I've periodically been exposed to opioids throughout my life. But, I never could have imagined the true impact of the onslaught of pharmaceuticals until I lost my baby brother to them. In his honor, we will save lives.

XFoundation Chief Financial Officer Laura Penney, Website Headshot

Laura Penney, Chief Financial Officer

Fentanyl poisoning and the Opioid Crisis isn't discriminatory to any race, geographic location or socioeconomic status. No one is above the effects of what it can do to a family, we know first hand after losing our Xavier. Raising awareness through XFoundation not only has the ability to save lives but we have the capability to enrich our community by giving back to athletic and music programs.

XFoundation Chief Information Officer Arin Seidlitz, Website Headshot

Arin Seidlitz, Chief Information Officer

Deaths due to Fentanyl are sweeping through the nation and most seem desensitized to yet 'another' crisis. I watched as the rippled through an entire community all the way into my home. It ignited my passion for healthcare as I saw an opportunity to educate, spread awareness and start the conversations that bring attention to this epidemic. People deserve an accurate picture of what they are taking and the risks involved.

XFoundation Activity Director Terry Trudgian, Website Headshot

Terry Trudgian, Activity Director

As someone who frequents live music shows, I have met all sorts of people and made all kinds of friends. Today, it is not possible to go to concerts and avoid exposure to music-enhancing drugs. The scariest threat, in my opinion, to this community is fentanyl poisoning. Seeing people endure the effects of not knowing what is in the substances they are taking is why I decided to get involved with the XFoundation.

XFoundation Program Development Dr. Britney Speck, Website Headshot

Dr. Brittany Speck, Psychology Consultant

The fentanyl epidemic demands urgent attention as it silently claims lives, transcending socio-economic boundaries and necessitating collective efforts for awareness, prevention, and support. With XFoundation, we strive to educate communities about the dangers of this lethal substance, advocating for preventive measures and fostering dialogue around mental health to ensure brighter, safer futures for individuals facing similar risks.

XFoundation El Paso Counter Ambassador Aaron Vestal, Website Headshot

Aaron Vestal, El Paso County Ambassador

We are not here to fear monger or scare anyone; our goal is to initiate difficult conversations within our communities regarding the dangers of opioids and provide the knowledge and tools for individuals to keep themselves and those around them safe. We may be just a drop in the ocean, but who knows how far the ripples will reach.

XFoundation D11 Liaison Montana Gottman, Website Headshot

Montana Gottman, D11 Liaison

As a passionate public school educator, I am dedicated to ensuring the well-being of our youth. My commitment lies in tackling the fentanyl epidemic through education, as I envision a future where all young people can lead long and happy lives. I am excited to make a contribution to the mission of raising awareness on fentanyl poisoning and ensuring the safety of the youth in our communities.

XFoundation Gender Counsel Robert Keiser, Website Headshot

Robert Keiser, General Counsel




Xavier (X) has been a musician from the moment he could sit up and has always found passion in all things basketball. But, most importantly, his heart of gold made everyone feel welcome, no matter who you were. X was an incredible human, son, brother, and friend who impacted everyone fortunate to have met him.

On March 12th, 2021, our beautiful Xavier passed away at the young age of 17. After a long day of working out and playing basketball, a friend gave X half of what they thought was a Percocet for pain. Unfortunately, that half pill happened to be 99% Fentanyl and 1% Cocaine — a lethal dose of Fentanyl is 2 milligrams, only the size of 2 grains of salt — the pill killed him within minutes. A tragedy of the worst kind.

This foundation was created by those who love X to help spread awareness about today's leading cause of death, fentanyl, to help our communities see brighter days.

Thank you for being a part of Xavier's journey.

Xavier touched photo of the late young man that inspired the mission behind XFoundation efforts to raise awareness on fentanyl poisoning