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@thedataboys U.S. Deaths by Drug Overdose, Running Total by Year #opiodepidemic #data ♬ Good News - Mac Miller

We're fighting an epidemic.

Mom arrested after toddler’s fentanyl overdose death indicted for murder

SEPtember 29th, 2022

Hidden Epidemic: Schools, parents, police scramble as US fentanyl crisis worsens

SEPtember 28th, 2022

Teen’s suspected fentanyl overdose locks down south Alabama high school

SEPtember 27th, 2022

Las Vegas Metro Police respond to 4 fentanyl deaths in 36 hours

SEPtember 26th, 2022

The Truth About Rainbow Fentanyl

SEPtember 25th, 2022

North High School parents, students outrage over social media reports of fentanyl overdose

SEPtember 23rd, 2022

KHSD: Steps to prevent opioid, fentanyl overdoses

SEPtember 23rd, 2022

A Minnesota man has been sentenced to life in prison for 11 fentanyl deaths

SEPtember 13th, 2022

Colorado Springs man pleads guilty to providing a teen with deadly Fentanyl

august 31st, 2022

DEA warns "emerging trend" of brightly-colored fentanyl being used to lure youth

august 30th, 2022

'It's Russian roulette': Fentanyl fuels rising drug overdose deaths in Nebraska

august 7th, 2022

💜 2-year-old dies with cocaine, fentanyl in system; Cherry Hill man charged: Police

august 2nd, 2022

Family speaks of woman who died from accidental fentanyl overdose, shares GoFundMe after funeral costs

august 4th, 2022

'It can happen to you': How 1 laced pill cost a Louisville mother her son forever

july 29th, 2022

Gov. Little plans media blitz, drug test kits in next stage of the fight against fentanyl

july 29th, 2022

💜 3-year-old child overdoses on fentanyl in Colorado, man found guilty of child abuse

july 27th, 2022

City leaders, grieving parents say fentanyl overdose crisis must be addressed

july 26th, 2022

Fentanyl continues to be the main cause of drug overdose injuries, deaths in Nashville

july 26th, 2022

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